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I absolutely enjoyed working with Daphne. She shared her business expertise with my group and it was so transformative. She is very positive and inspirational and truly wants the best for you personally and in business. She knows her stuff while also being nurturing and supportive. Daphne is top of her class and your business will forever be changed by working with her.

Adrien Butler Walker
New York

"Daphne is a phenomenal Business and Leadership Coach.

I found her very understanding and patient. She takes time to carefully listen to find the gaps and guide at every step through her expertise, ongoing support and use of various techniques. I highly recommend her as a Mentor and Coach for anyone who wants to shine in these areas."

Ayaz Morris
Karachi, Pakistan

"Carousel Moms is for the woman who is in need of support, to be heard, and given tips to experience more joy in motherhood, I


t's so good to know that one can get all of this in one location with Daphne."

Corpreale Mariga

"Daphne is wonderful businesswoman and coach, while she has personal experience combined with Professional expertise, I enjoy her empathic warm and caring persona when working with clients the most! She has always believed in me and making a success of my Business, and has been a great source of encouragement, support and wisdom."


She inspires, leads the way, and champions you to be your best, always!

Carmen Low-Shang
South Africa

"Words are less to express my gratitude to you dear Daphne for helping me remember my past and redefine those moments. Making me realise my full potential to strive into my today and future with a positive attitude. To break free from my past bondages, reclaim, reparent and release."

Daphne you are an inspiration and an awesome presenter.

God bless you,

Philomena Fernandes
Dubai, UAE

The 4 days of training with Carousel Moms passed very quickly, teaching me so many things. I learnt that I can  also start my dream business. I enjoyed the daily activities that were challenging and brought out the inner me. 


I would say Carousel Moms is the perfect platform, where you can learn more to give yourself a start be it business or leadership. Daphne is a talented person and shares her talents with us moms who want to do something by themselves. Thank you Carousel Moms / Daphne

Maria Godinho Fernandes 

Dubai / Mumbai

Daphne thank you for your patience, love, support, and validation. I was feeling so overwhelmed at one point trying to get my business up and running, studying, family and life in general and Daphne was able to help me find order in my chaos so I was able to successfully move forward. I now am more structured and feeling less overwhelmed and more in control on my day to achieve the things I want to achieve to create the success I want for now and my future.


Thank you Carousel Moms.  Daphne l am so grateful for your love, support and kindness and holding space for me which helped me tap into a better mindset to successfully run my business. Thank you for helping me find more structure in my thinking to overcome the overwhelm and procrastination strategy l was running.  I am now moving forward feeling optimistic about the future.


Lovely session delivered from Daphne tonight with such love and care. I enjoyed it very much and came away with a better attitude to step out and break free from the past. Thanks so much Daphne you are truly amazing. 

Jan Dillon

Daphne Soares has a mix of attributes that make her a strong effective coach. First, I have known her for seven years. She is knowledgeable and knows her subject. What I have seen is that she has two personas. One  to  keep you  at ease  and the second to push you till you do it. I have seen her as a professional. Secondly, coaching comes to her naturally. Once she starts, you can see that you are caught up and the confidence she instills in you is like I want to do what I want to do now. Thirdly, she has made an impact by being one of the best and you have seen her on Yahoo Finance. It is easy to act on what Daphne says because if you do not then she won’t stop either. She pushes you knowing you can do it. Get her feedback on the different areas you know you can do something. She will guide you to the right one. It is easy for her and for us, acting on the guidance she gives. I would strongly and without hesitation recommend her should you decide you need Mentoring. 

Daphne I would virtually like to give a strong tight hug and my teammates as well, who were with me on this enjoyable journey of mentoring with Carousel Moms. Thank you.

Phyllis Pereira

United Arab Emirates

Carousel Moms Business and Leadership Coaching is the best place for the woman who wants to step out in Business. To gain the knowledge, guidance and confidence to start and successfully run a business step by step. Am very grateful to have had sessions with Ma’am Daphne Soares. She made me think more and more, believe in myself and get a clear business path, implementing it with courage. The sessions were mind blowing and an energy booster to throw me to my goals. 


Am very thankful to Ma’am Daphne who is a great role model in all aspects - mother, coach, mentor and business- woman. Thank you Ma’am Daphne for being so patient and not giving up on me. 

Marya Sabadhini Vineesh

Karela, India

I strongly recommend Carousel Moms Business and Leadership Coaching. Daphne Soares has great knowledge and leadership qualities. She is a very good trainer with great knowledge power. I had a session with her. It was a very wonderful experience.

Hammad Zafar 

Bahawalpur, Pakistan

I can tell you confidently that Daphne’s a global inspiration and a life changer. A true business expert to our generation and a true mompreneur.

Micheal Noble Emeghara 

Owerri Imo, Nigeria

A great webinar on: re-define moments dictated by Daphne Soares. Carousel Moms sharing experiences / vulnerability with fabulous women from Australia, Bahrain, Dubai, South Africa and USA.

Fenix Coaching and Training
Ecuador, South America

I had a session with Daphne. What a brilliant session it was. If you are overwhelmed or anxious  or just finding it hard to think even clearly or things seem to be foggy sometimes and you are so overwhelmed by those emotions and you just can’t seem to think straight. If you got some limiting belief that you find keeps on appearing and you can’t be able to get through that, definitely talk to Daphne. She has been amazing and I highly recommend her services. So, yeah give it a go and see how you feel. It has been incredibly amazing for me and I hope it is for you too.                  

Connie Mah


Carousel Moms Business & Leadership Coaching is a fantastic platform where you can gain many things based on the economic industry. This 4-day webinar has inspired and motivated me to focus on my goal, which is ultimately my dream business. My attempts and efforts of making my dream a reality has now enhanced to another level. I truly recommend this for people who want to achieve their dreams by claiming this opportunity as the first step of fulfilling their desire. You are truly an inspiration Daphne.

Brenda Baretto

Dubai / Mumbai

I enjoyed the session so much. Very inspiring and very helpful to look forward to 2022.  


I feel so special and encouraged  by what I have learnt. it was also great meeting people from all over the world and learning from them.


Thank you so much. I'm looking forward to an awesome 2022.


Please be assured of my prayers for you. It was great meeting you.


South Africa. Cape Town. 

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